How to Properly Landscape Around Your Tree

One of the most elegant landscape features you can have in your house is a tree. They offer a sense of relaxation and calm, create shade, and look beautiful. 

However, there’s one drawback to consider. Oftentimes, it is difficult to accommodate the area around the tree’s base. If you ignore your tree, it will probably absorb all the nutrients and water in the soil around its roots. In addition to that, it’s difficult for plants underneath the tree to get enough sunlight to thrive because of the shade from its branches.  

So, how can you beautify the space around your tree without affecting its health? Do you have to hire tree removal companies to get rid of your tree? The answer is no. There are several tips you can follow to properly landscape around your tree.  

Be Careful with the Bark and Roots 

The bark of your tree is a protective layer against the elements and diseases. You shouldn’t chip or nick away at the bark whenever you are gardening or landscaping near trees.  

Also, you should be careful with the roots as well. A couple of trees have shallow roots hidden beneath the soil. Thus, they’re extremely easy to accidentally damage. 

It is fine to place other plants around trees with shallow roots. However, you need to pick shallow-rooted plants as well that will compete properly with your tree.  

Choose The Correct Plants Near Your Tree 

If you’re planning to use plants to fill the empty space near your tree, you’ve got to ensure you pick ones that can manage to live under a tree.  

If you’re living in the Pacific Northwest, evergreens will be common. Most of them are thick enough to produce a densely shaded spot near the trunk where virtually no sunlight gets through. To make things a lot harder, they can also block rainwater from falling on plants near the trunk.  

On the other hand, some trees sometimes do enable dappled sunlight through their branches. This produces a spot of filtered shade under it.  

Before you choose plants to fill near your tree, you should take a look outside during a sunny day. Make sure you look at how much sunlight can pass through the branches. You might have to search for plants that survive in low-light conditions if it is extremely shaded. This includes hostas and ferns.  

Think about flowers that bloom in the spring if you’ve got a deciduous tree that loses its leaves during fall. These work well since this type of tree allows more sunlight through during the spring before they have a complete leaf for the summer.  

Do Not Add or Get Rid of Too Much Dirt 

It is extremely crucial to maintain the soil level around the trunk of your tree. If you add too much soil, you’re starving the roots of oxygen. This can eventually kill the tree. Thus, you should leave a ring of empty space between the new soil and trunk if you’ve got to add some soil. Also, try to limit the amount of soil you add. 

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What Can You Gain in Tree Removal Services?

Compared to the generations before us, tree removal has been easier. Through the help of experts in the field of tree removal services, tree removal companies offer various services that are related to tree care. More than that, if you are not a fan of the tree that is in your backyard because it has given you a difficult time and worry when storms came, then you can also rely on tree experts on getting the tree removed. Whatever the case, for sure, tree removal services give you the benefit you need. 

To name a few:  

1. Clean yard 

If you are concerned of the amount of cleaning your tree is giving you every single day and as a busy person or individual, you do not have the extra time to tend into the task, it is best to think it through than cutting the tree in your yard directly. However, when it comes to the case that the branches or more twigs are falling every single day, then that’s a different story. Falling twigs or branches in large numbers is alarming and should be given attention right away. Given the circumstance, it is not safe to say that the concern you will be handling is through cleaning everything in your yard, but your safety and your family member’s safety may also be of immediate concern. 

2. Prevention 

Prevention is the best way to ensure safety. Every single person wants to ensure his or his family’s safety and ever you are one of them, you may want to consider calling tree services before a big storm or when there are indications that your tree will give away your safety.  

3. Equipment 

Using an equipment for the first time will not only trade your safety but will also trade the lifespan of your equipment. Without experience or prior knowledge, equipment usage is unsafe, especially when it comes to large scale concerns like tree removal. More than that, you are also risking a hefty sum of investment by buying an equipment you will only use in the scene of cutting one tree in your yard.  

4. Landscaping 

If you think that the only time you will need a tree removal service is needed is when removing a tree is needed, then you thought wrong. Tree removal services have one sole expertise ad that is tree care. Tree care also involves in keeping trees in its optimum health giving your home a better look by grooming your tree. More than that, if you want your tree to last longer or want its branches growing wide or tall, then calling a tree expert is your wisest decision.  

Whatever concern you have regarding your tree, tree services has got you covered. If your concern is among tree removal, tree trimming or tree pruning, removing a tree stump then grabbing your phone to call a professional in tree services is your wisest call. So next time you have a tree concern, be sure to give it to the experts when it comes to tree care! 

Want to check on a tree service company that will provide you reliable tree care services? Check on! 

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Three Compelling Reasons to Hire Tree Care Service

As a homeowner, you need to make sure that all parts of your home is well taken care of. This is true, especially when you have a garden that you have developed using your free lot in your backyard. However, what you need to understand is that as a homeowner, you might want to take things personally and you may want to do all the necessary chores, but you need to understand that sometimes, you need to hire a professional not only because you can, but because they are better than you in terms of these works. For instance, tree trimming is something that is best done by a professional. While you may have some of the tools, you don’t want to do it all especially when you are not an expert of it. 

When you think that paying an extra expense for your tree care needs is something that is not worthwhile, you might want to think again. A tree pruning expert has all the necessary tools and expertise when doing the job, considering that they have pruned several trees in the past. This is entirely the reason why as much as possible, you need to make sure that you get to hire a professional like tree service Missoula. Here are the top benefits why it is necessary: 

  1. Maintain Good Health 

One of the reasons why you need to make sure that you get your trees pruned every once in a while is that it is perfect to keep your trees healthy and fit. The reason behind this is that trees are often infested with diseases or pests because one of the trees among the group is damaged by either a virus or pests due to parts that have not been taken care of. Therefore, when you want to make sure that your trees stay in perfect health, then you need to make sure that you regularly hire a tree care service provider. 

  1. Physical Appearance 

Apart from the cool air and the shade that it brings, you need to understand that trees are the best in making your home extra beautiful. The greens that it brings into your home is a sight to behold. This is why in order to keep it as is, you need to understand that hiring a professional tree service provider is necessary, so that the physical appearance of trees will be well-maintained. 

  1. Equal Sunlight Distribution 

One of the most important factors in order to keep your trees alive is ensuring that they receive enough sunlight. While many varieties of trees could grow into several feet in order to capture enough sunlight, not all types could survive by doing such. This is entirely the reason why if you want to keep your trees healthy and if you want all of them to receive an equal amount of sunlight, what you need to do is to make sure that some of its parts are cut off in order to make sure that all the trees that you have in your garden receive enough sunlight. 

Tree care service is something that you should ensure, when you decide to plant trees in your backyard. Call one now and see the difference today.  

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